AfterShokz – headphones for running

Lonely Goat Running Club is excited to announce we are now stocking AfterShokz, bone-conducting headphones for running, in our shop.

What are Aftershokz?

AfterShokz are bone-conducting headphones designed for runners, cyclists and other people doing outdoor activities.

They’re tough, lightweight, easy to use, and sound great. Most importantly, the bone-conducting technology means you can listen to your music and still hear the outside world.

The three models we’re stocking are:

  • Titanium: Lightweight and comfortable with great sound quality; sweat and bad-weather resistant.
  • Air: The same great sound quality and sweat-resistance as the Titaniums, but even lighter.
  • Aeropex: The top of the range model. Fully waterpoof, lighter than the Airs, and with upgraded sound, longer battery and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity.

All models connect to your phone with Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about cables getting in the way. They have volume adjustment buttons and microphones built in for hands-free operation and call-answering. They charge with the included USB cable, and come with a pair of ear plugs should you ever want to block out the outside world.


How do they work?

You know how you can hear the crunch inside your head when you eat a packet of crisps? That’s because the vibrations from the crisps breaking in your mouth travel through your facial bones to your inner ear.

AfterShokz work in a similar way. Rather than send sound through your ear canal, like conventional headphones, AfterShokz send vibrations through your cheek bones to the inner ear.

This means you can listen to whatever it is you’re playing through the headphones and have your ears open to hear what’s going on around them.

Why we love them

If you want to listen to music or your favourite podcast, audiobook or radio programme when running, we think AfterShokz are the best headphones you can buy. This is because they’re a high-quality product that work really well, but also because they share the same values as us.

As AfterShokz say, “Noice-cancelling headphones block out unwanted noise, but also the day-to-day interactions we’d otherwise enjoy.”

Both Lonely Goat and AfterShokz believe in bringing people together, not keeping them apart.

Yes, we’re a club for people who usually run on their own, but occasionally we do run with others. With conventional headphones, you can’t hear each other. With AfterShokz bone-conducting headphones, you can listen to your music and your running buddies.

Even if you always run on your own, the ability to listen to your surroundings means that you can hear the birds sing, the waves crash on the shore, the wind rustle the trees, and – perhaps most importantly – the traffic around you!

It is this crucial safety aspect that means we would recommend AfterShokz over any other headphones. It is also why bone-conducting headphones are the only type to be permitted in most road running events.

Check them out

Head over to our shop and explore the range to find the AfterShokz model that is right for you.


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