Barry Island 10k

The 10K race takes place on fully closed roads with a challenging yet rewarding route showcasing all of the town’s most scenic seaside spots and recognisable landmarks – including Whitmore Bay, the Knapp, Romilly Park and Watch House Bay. Thank you to Emily Siddorn for the review.

There were 3 Bristol Goats (Andy, Jo + myself and Jo’s boy Charlie) heading over to Barry Island together, for its inaugural 10k. We arranged the meet up through the Lonely Goat Facebook – Chat group.

Having arrived with plenty of time (ahem, 7.40am) we chilled with a coffee and basked in the ever-increasing sun/heat. We also met a few other Lonely Goats (Andre, Ivan and Carol) and took a few snaps.

We were penned up in the sun but were soon off for the trot! I had estimated a time of 1.30 (thought maybe could do 1.20) so we stayed as a group in the last pen together (thank you guys I really needed the moral support there!)

Quickly, we realised the ‘flat’ course was at best a stretch and realistically a flat out lie. Combining this with only one water station and virtually no shade, the course was tough, even brutal in places! I will be eternally grateful for the couple of folks that were offering their hosepipes for a spray as we passed!

That being said the course was well routed and marshalled. The second 5k had some lovely views over the bay. A lot of the spectators seemed a bit bemused that we were all putting ourselves through this but encouraging never the less. I would imagine if they made this an annual event there would be bigger crowds out.

There was a rather grueling hill at the end. Thankfully Andre, the quickest Lonely Goat, finishing in a fantastic 46.28 mins, with his family perched on the hill, cheered me on. Promising that the end was definitely in reach… AND IT WAS!!

I was finally over the line and handed my medal, water and t-shirt. It was a lovely t-shirt and medal. After a few post race pics we all had a well deserved dip in the sea. Which was magical. I would have stayed in longer if I didn’t NEED to find out my time, which would be on my phone…. In the van….parked up a hill.

Unexpectedly I completed the 10k in 1.16.21. Which was better than I could have imagined!

Overall it was an awesome day, the organisers did a really good job. Barry was the last in a 3 10k series so I imagine the other events would also reflect their hard work and efforts. Next time though, if it’s 26 degrees, please have 2 water stations……and advise that it’s hilly and not flat 😉

It was lovely to meet some other Lonely Goats and a pleasure to be a part of Barry Island’s first 10k.

Well done Emily and to everyone who took on the Barry Island 10k – great to see the post race pictures. Plenty of support from other lonely Goats too. If you would like to share a race/event for the wider community – please email

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