Goats on the run (6)

Most of the UK experienced hot, sunny weather over the Easter long weekend. This was [...]

London Marathon tips from the Lonely Goat herd

The London Marathon is the biggest event in the UK running calendar and one of [...]

Goats on the run (5)

From Manchester (in goats on the run 4), the next stop on the big UK [...]

Boston Marathon – the old classic

This Monday, 15 April 2019, sees the second World Marathon Major race of 2019, the [...]

Goats on the run (4)

We are definitely in the midst of peak running event season, if the sheer volume [...]

REPREVE® – the first step on our ethical and environmental journey

On the face of it, running is a positive thing to do. Getting outdoors, being [...]

Goats on the run (3)

Who got caught out by the clocks changing? Anyone?  Be honest… With one less hour [...]

Goats on the run (2)

Spring has sprung and the cool, yet sunny weather across much of the UK made [...]

Goats on the run (1)

There were more half marathons than you could shake a stick at over the weekend, [...]

Website refresh

As the community grows, so does the requirement to provide an online platform that is [...]

Tokyo Marathon – A lesser known giant

This Sunday, 3 March 2019, sees the first World Marathon Major race of 2019, the [...]

Beginners guide to a Marathon

The marathon is arguably the most significant of all running events, certainly in the eyes [...]