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What’s the goal that drives you? Perhaps you’re marathon training to race money for charity; trying [...]

5 tips to run a parkrun personal best

Parkrun isn’t a race, but the timed nature of the events means it is inevitable [...]

Find your next race with our Event Directory

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve added an exciting new service to our website: [...]

Here’s to you, and your running!

It’s been another great year for the wonderful Lonely Goat Herd. We’ve loved seeing your [...]

Find motivation through movement

For many runners this is the toughest time of the year to find the motivation to [...]

Our top 20 running races over the next year (all available with a 15-20% discount on entry fees)

With Goat Codes, part of the Member Plus benefits programme, you can get a 15 [...]

Nice one, Mark!

After the recent Great North Run our notifications started pinging… “Have you seen this picture [...]

Introducing ‘Member Plus’ – extra benefits for Lonely Goats

Member Plus is here! To sustainably support the club we have created a new membership [...]

Lessons for runners from track and field athletics

Improve your running by learning from the best track and field sprinters, jumpers and throwers. [...]

How to keep your focus and motivation when training for a running race

As runners, we are often told that the key to good results is consistency in [...]

Inov-8 ROCLITE G 275 V2 review (and competition to win a pair of shoes)

We’ve got two exciting pieces of Inov-8 news to share with you. We’ve been testing [...]

‘Not This Time’ – 14 London Marathon alternatives

The London Marathon is undoubtedly an amazing event to be a part of, which is [...]