D’Urberville Dash 2018

Situated in Wool, Dorset. The D’Urberville dash is a 10k race on forest tracks, heath and some quiet roads. Report from Andy Leggott

The race started at 11am so i arrived in plenty of time to grab a race number, chat to some fellow Lonely Goats and to have a decent warm up.  By 11am the heat was already very intense so was keen to get started! I didn’t really know what to expect as i have only every raced on the road.

Before I knew it i was running across fields and skipping over cow poo before eventually heading into the woods.  This became really challenging due to the narrow path and having to run with my head to the ground to avoid tripping over any tree roots.

It was great fun but it became clear i wasn’t running for a pb.  It was about surviving the heat and avoiding injury! At the 5k mark i grabbed some liquid and went downhill, back onto the road. It was great feeling to get the legs running as normal without the twists and turns.

I had to dig deep and went through the mind game routine to help me through the last few K as was really struggling with the heat. The race finished back on the field and there was lots of support from the running community.

The best part of the day for me was cheering in the other Lonely Goat’s that took part! Although we didn’t represent in numbers like some other local clubs, we certainly made the most noise and it was a brilliant moment when Roger came in high fiving the herd as he crossed the finish line! Well done all – onto the next event.

If you would like to submit a race report please email info@lonelygoatrc.com

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