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Big Bear Elephant

If you want something a little different, check out the lapped challenge events from Big Bear Events – and save 10% on the entry fees with Goat Codes for Member Plus subscribers.

Big Bear Events put on trail events across the Midlands. They’re low pressure, supportive and scenic events suitable for beginners and the ultra-experienced alike.

Their standard event format is up to 6 hours on a 5k loop, allowing you to go as far or long as you want in the time period. This format is great for runners looking to increase their distance, test new race strategies, or just have a great day out. Even better, these events are mid-week. Not only does this leave the weekend free for you to spend time with your family and friends, but the parks and forests are much quieter.

Big Bear Events also host more conventional events, such as their TrailFest series (with 10k, Half, Marathon and Ultra options), alongside special one-off events throughout the year. Regardless of the format, you can be assured that they are all friendly and supportive, whatever the distance.

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