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Swan Challenge

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Mature woodland, waterways and open grassland – it’s simply trail running perfection!

It is an event that enables all abilities of runner to run together (or hike/walk!). Ultimately you can run as many 5k laps as you wish in the time limit. You can run one lap in 20 minutes, pick up your medal, flapjack and beer and go home! Alternatively you can head out on your 15th lap at 14:55 and finish in 6:30 having covered over 50 miles! It’s completely up to you.

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About Big Bear Events

Big Bear Events put on trail events across the Midlands. They're low pressure, supportive and scenic events are suitable for beginners and the ultra-experienced. They'll look after you just the same!

They're normal format are 6 hour trail events meaning you can go for as far and as long as you want on a 5k loop. The format is great for those looking to increase their distance, test some new race strategies or just for a great day out! Even better they are midweek meaning you have the weekend free to spend with your family and friends. It means we have the parks and forests to ourselves... except the odd dog walker and toddler!

They host more traditional events like their TrailFest events as well as special one-off events throughout the year - all friendly and supportive, whatever the distance!!

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