Get 15% off Precision Fuel & Hydration products

We’re excited to let you know about Precision Fuel & Hydration, the newest partner to sign up to Goat Codes (exclusive discounts for Lonely Goat Running Club Member Plus subscribers), who are offering 15% off your first order.

Getting your training and race-day fuelling and hydration strategy right can be tricky. Generic guidelines (“Eat this many calories and drink this much fluid”) might work for a theoretical average runner, but they don’t take into account your personal circumstances. For example, are you a light or heavy sweater? Are you racing in a cool or hot environment? How long will you be running for? This is where Precision Fuel & Hydration can come in and save the day, giving you the tools to get it right when it counts.

Not only do they make highly effective, top quality products, used by top athletes across the world, but they help you understand how best to use them.

Their Fuel & Hydration Planner is an easy to use online tool that provides you with a personalised hydration and fuelling plan that covers how much carbohydrate, electrolytes, and fluid you need. If you would then like to learn even more about your plan, you can book a free one-to-one video call with a member of their Athlete Support Team (not a chat bot, but a real life, expert human, for free)!

Don’t let all those miles of training you’ve banked get wasted by a sub-standard, generic fuelling strategy that holds you back. Check out the Precision Fuel & Hydration planner tool, chat to one of their experts, and then save 15% off your first order with Goat Codes!


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