Get extra bounce with the new inov-8 TRAILFLY ULTRA G 280

Our friends at inov-8 launch a new shoe today. Because Lonely Goat members get 15% off inov-8 items with Goat Codes, we thought we’d share the news of the new TRAILFLY ULTRA G 280 shoes – featuring nitrogen-infused foam – with you. We will be sharing a review of them soon, but in the meantime, read on for what inov-8 have to say about them…

inov-8 is launching its first-ever trail running shoes to include the use of nitrogen gas.

The pioneering sports brand say their new nitrogen-infused midsole foam will give runners more underfoot bounce.

Testers of the TRAILFLY ULTRA G 280 have reported that the shoes made them feel like they were flying… almost cheating!

Wayne Edy, founder of inov-8, said: “The nitrogen foam we’ve created gives an amazingly lighter, softer ride for those runners looking for that. Given what our testers said about it, we decided to call the foam FLYSPEED.

“It debuts on our new TRAILFLY ULTRA G 280 shoes, which we can’t wait to get on the feet of trail and ultramarathon runners. It has great levels cushioning while at the same time delivering incredible bounce and a feeling of being connected to the trail.”

To prove the trampoline-feel bounce effect, inov-8 carried out further testing which showed that FLYSPEED foam gives back 65%-68% of the energy put in. A standard foam midsole gives back 45%-48%.

The new shoes also boast rubber enhanced by Graphene – which is 200 times stronger than steel – for the world’s toughest grip and a clever underfoot flexing technology that allows runners to feel more connected to the trail.

The TRAILFLY ULTRA G 280 have already been worn by inov-8 athletes competing in – and in some cases winning – races ranging from 5km to 350km.

One of those, top Spanish trail runner Abel Carretero (pictured above with Angels Llobera), said: “The comfort is extremely good for long distances and the bounce is so great you feel like you’re flying. It feels a bit like cheating!”

Next year sees inov-8 celebrate 20 years, with many more footwear, clothing and equipment innovations planned for runners, as well as hikers and gym-goers.

More details available on the inov-8 website

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