Global Running Day, 5 June 2019

This Wednesday, 5 June 2019, is the fourth annual Global Running Day!

In their own words:

“Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving. It doesn’t matter how fast you run or how far you go – what’s important is that you take part, and how you do it is up to you.

The important thing is that you have fun being active – and you inspire others to join you.”

Lonely Goats do Global Running Day

Given that Lonely Goat Running Club shares Global Running Day’s goals to get everyone moving, we’d love to hear what you’re doing to mark the occasion.

Long run, short run, easy run, hard run, whatever: It doesn’t matter what kind of run it is as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

Join in the conversation in the Facebook Chat Group, use the #lonelygoatrc and #lonelygoatrunningclub hashtags on Instagram or chat in our Strava group and tell us all about your Global Running Day runs.

Share the love

Take the time this Global Running Day to remind yourself why you run. Then, spread the running love and tell someone else why you run to try and get them moving too.

For extra Global Running Day positive vibes, try and encourage a child to run this Wednesday…

Million Kid Run

As part of Global Running Day, the Million Kid Run aims to get young people excited about fitness. By moving and having fun, children discover that living an active lifestyle can be fun and easy. So if you know any children, get them moving with you.

For more information about Global Running Day, head on over to their website,

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