Goats on the run 16

There were big events happening all over the UK last weekend as we ease into the Autumn running season. For the 16th edition of goats on the run we’re shining the spotlight on some of the many Lonely Goats who ran in Bournemouth, Chester, Loch Ness and beyond.

At Lonely Goat Running Club, all runners are welcome, regardless of the speed you run, the distance you run, the events you run, or the reasons why you run. This is why, in goats on the run we celebrate all achievements and shout about the runners who happened to catch our eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Strava channels.

Bournemouth Marathon Festival

The Bournemouth Marathon has established itself as one of the biggest events in the South Coast running calendar, with its associated 10K, half marathon and other events taking place over the weekend. Unfortunately, 2019 will be the last year the marathon distance will be run due to the increasing difficulty of sorting out a suitable route. Hopefully the remaining events will continue and go from strength to strength.

Thank you to Phil Benham for sharing the image at the top of the page, featuring some of the Goats who took part in the Supersonic 10K. The following Goats were among the many who ran in Bournemouth over the weekend.

Charlie Goldsmith, 5K, 10K and half marathon

Check out Charlie’s Instagram post at the bottom of the page.

Emily Rose, half marathon

“My favourite race ever. I’m so proud of myself for doing this today and getting a PB [personal best] out of no where! I thought my back injury would stop me, but nope, I ran the whole thing and couldn’t be happier with how today went! I saw so many goats, so well done to all of you – amazing.”

Emily Rose after Bournemouth Half Marathon 2019

Ged McFadden, marathon

“So yesterday saw me complete my 4th marathon and 3rd at Bournemouth. Such a shame to hear that it’s the last Bournemouth marathon. It’s certainly a race of two halves! Not the time I was hoping for, but very happy with a 5’30” PB. Absolutely awesome turn out of goats and got support the whole weekend.”

Ged McFadden at Bournemouth Marathon 2019

Melanie Lovegrove, half marathon

“A half marathon PB for me this morning with a time of 2:18’07 (my first sub 2:20) and hubby managed to get a flying feet photo. I’ve never liked the look of the course but as it’s my local race I entered anyway. I’ll hold my hands up: I actually quite enjoyed the route and the Goat support was fantastic. I may well be back next year!”

Melanie Lovegrove after Bournemouth Half Marathon 2019

Paul Wenham, marathon

“Bournemouth marathon done. The heat yesterday was a killer for me, but I managed to get in below my target of 5 hours. People have asked if you can complete a marathon without training for it and the answer if ‘yes, but it isn’t pretty’. I have Race To The Sea planned for March next year which is 30 miles and I am promising to myself that i will train. But then again, I always say that!”

Rob Williams, marathon

“It was quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I well and truly lost the mental battle near the end, but after having a night to reflect on it, I’m buzzing after completing my second marathon.

It was great to meet so many fellow goats down there over the course of the festival. I managed a pic with a couple at the end after I got some feeling back in my legs.

Congratulations to everyone else who ran over the weekend and good luck to those who entered the London Marathon Lottery.”

Rob Williams and Rob Higgin at Bournemouth Marathon 2019

Tim Armitage, half marathon

“1:51 for the Half in Bournemouth today. I gave it everything I had and the last 3 miles utterly broke me. I was 45 seconds away from a personal best, but still happy.

Bournemouth, as ever, you were beautiful, sunny, happy, friendly and fun.

Hi to all the goats I saw and thanks to everyone who commented on my rainbow socks.”

Chester Marathon

The Chester Marathon has won awards for being the best marathon in the UK, and despite being a relatively small event, occupies an increasinly important place in the UK running calendar. Here are the reports from three members of the Herd who ran the 10th Chester Marathon.

Chris Beattie

“So chuffed with marathon number 2 today at Chester Marathon – the 3:53′ time at London tumbled! 3:14’56 at Chester, felt soooo good and saw quite a few goats along the way. First race out as a proud Lonely Goat – next year it’s got to be Project Sub-3, no?”

Chris Beattie after Chester Marathon 2019

Nick Hayes

“Up at 5:30 am; spent next 3.5 hours going to the loo every 15 mins, taking no chances.

Started the race and absolutely stuck with not going off silly and settled into it, trying to take everything in with the crowds and support.

Felt quite good going along, some ‘meh’ wind then surprise hill around 16 miles which absolutely nobody had warned me about! The race changed at 30km when we had a downpour and everything just became super heavy; drank everything that I had on me, which looking back now probably wasn’t a good idea. Started telling everyone to keep going (more to myself), then this classic to a guy on his hands and knees being sick: “C’mon, you’re doing great!”

On the finishing straight, everything below waist just went and really started hurting and I crossed the line, couldn’t stop and the announcer was going “Nick, Nick stop running!”

Overwhelmed after that and so happy with the time after these last few weeks and months of training. I’ve been stressing that I’d set myself an unrealistic target to go for, but for me, I wanted to push myself and just see if I could… 3:23’40! Big well done to all the other Goats running there, too.”

Shaun Goodger

“Morning all. I would just like to say to all those goats that ran a marathon yesterday – especially Chester – you have my utmost respect. It was great seeing so many of you yesterday. I managed to get around in 4:27’27. A big thank you to Richard Smith for running with me and dragging me around. Looking forward to running with you again soon.”

Shaun Goodger at Chester Marathon 2019

Loch Ness Marathon

North of the border, along the shores of Loch Ness, this race has a strong claim to being the most picturesque marathon in the UK – if not the world! The atmosphere is great too, and a number of Goats turned up to enjoy the net downhill, point to point course.

Kenny Watt

This is an edited snippet from a much longer post from Kenny. Head to the Facebook Chat Group to read it in its entirety.

“I only bloody did it. In the space of a year I have gone from a 21.5 stone unhealthy guy to a 4 hr (and 5 mins), 13.5 stone marathon runner.

People say running is a solo sport. I beg to differ. I would never have been able to do this without this list of people:

Mark Graham – my best mate at work. He badgered me into a 10K last year and I have never looked back. You have no idea what it means to me.

The Lonely Goat Running Club – I found my running home there. Every member gave me the same support and encouragement when I was 40+ min 5K runner to when I posted my 21 min parkrun win

Every volunteer at every race or organised run I have ever done – No one could do it without you. You go out in all weathers so we can run.

Specifically, the volunteer who came to check on me when I got cramp at about 18 miles – sorry I asked you not to speak. You being there was enough to keep me going. If I had energy I would have given you a sweaty hug. […]

And now the most important thank yous:

My Mother-in-law, Sue Bowes for looking after my children at various times to help me train or race.

My children, Evie and Alice. I do this for you. I want you to have a positive example rather than a fat TV addict Dad, and I want you to have an old Dad who is at your weddings, and every major point in your life.

Finally my coach, my inspiration, biggest supporter, biggest critic, the bravest person I know, my best friend, love of my life, and my soulmate. Nikki.

Thank you everyone.

This is my team and I am proud to be part of it. This was for you.”

Kenny Watt after Loch Ness Marathon 2019

Marla Almásy

“Well done to all the Lonely Goats doing Loch Ness Marathon today!

I made it! Despite almost blowing away at the start and falling into a bin near the finish line trying not to litter! 4:40′ official time; 4:32′ watch time (paused to wait in the 8 min loo queue at the ten mile mark!).

Thank you to all the Lonely Goats who supported me – here and on the course! There were so many of us and lots of complimentary comments from non-Goats too!”

Marla Almasy at Loch Ness Marathon 2019

Mark Tyrell

“Hi everyone… Well what can I say that hasn’t already been said. Forget the long coach journey to and from Inverness, the Loch Ness Marathon is something I’ll always remember. It was my first full marathon and I completed it in 4:06’59. That hill at mile 18 hurt! I’m glad to see a few goats, Mark and Kenny, and others who gave me great encouragement when they saw I was struggling a little – so big goat love. Sorry I couldn’t stay and chat, but had to get a coach after. At this moment I’m never doing a marathon again, but…”

Rik Sherman

“Loch Ness Marathon: DONE!

Stunning scenery and the rain held off after the start. Hills were a killer and the final 3 miles were a slow trudge rather than a run. But, a 4:01′ is a 37 min PB so plenty to be happy about. Great to see lots of happy Lonely Goats smashing it. We go again in Yorkshire in 2 weeks!”

Tam Wakeham

“My first ever marathon. 4:24′. So pleased that I owned the race. I had good advice from a lovely man who said ‘don’t go out too fast’ and then a lady on the downhills saying ‘just let the hill take you’. Between that and such good water and energy stations along the way it was a beautiful and highly recommended event. Hi to the yellow and green Goats I saw along the way.”

Tam Wakeham at Loch Ness Marathon 2019

Other races

Chris Grabham, Cardiff Half Marathon

The Cardiff Half Marathon offers a flat, fast course around the Welsh capital. Just 1,500 runners took part in the first edition in 2003, but now hosts 27,500 runners. Chris was one of them, and this is what he had to say.

“2 years ago I had a disastrous Cardiff Half Marathon, finishing in 2:44′. I vowed that I would never run again and I didn’t. Then in July of this year I decided to give it another go and with a few months of training I got a time that I am so happy with. This has taught me to never give up.”

Chris Henry, Plymouth 10K

The Plymouth 10K is part of the ‘Britain’s Ocean City Race’, which includes a half marathon, another 10K, a 5K, and a swimrun. Chris was one of the many Goats in attendance.

“Big up to all the Goats who ran today. We seemed to be in force – I’m sure more this year than last. I gace a few high fives to many of you. Not quite a PB though: 50’43 against 48’48 last year, but it was a great run nevertheless. Finally, big up to my lovely wife for taking a couple of flying feet snaps.”

Kim Harvey and Paul McDonnell, Plymouth 10K

Check out Kim’s Instagram post, shown below.

Feeling inspired?

Has this given you an urge to enter an event – or try something new with your running – but you’re not sure of how best to go about it? If so, head to the Facebook Chat Group or the discussions area of the Strava Group. There’s a whole community of runners who will be more than happy to give you some advice and point you in the right direction. Just make sure to let us know how you get on.

Until next time

That’s it for the 16th edition of goats on the run. Congratulations to all the runners mentioned, plus all those we missed. As always, if you’ve achieved something in your running that you’re particularly proud of – completing an event or otherwise – feel free to let us know about it in the Facebook Chat Group or use the #lonelygoatrc and #lonelygoatrunningclub hashtags on Instagram.

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