Goats on the run 21

January is a great month for running. Yes, it might be cold, wet and windy, but there’s just something about that fresh, New Year feeling that seems to get people inspired. In this month’s goats on the run we’ve got members of the Herd smashing personal bests, nailing RED January, hitting personal milestones, and having amazing runs.

At Lonely Goat Running Club, all runners are welcome, regardless of the speed you run, the distance you run, the events you run, or the reasons why you run. This is why, in goats on the run we celebrate all achievements and shout about the runners who happened to catch our eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Strava channels.

It is impossible to feature all of you in goats on the run, but we do hope you take some ‘runspiration’ from the exploits of your fellow Goats. First up, a marathon on the other side of the Atlantic…

Adam Fox and TeamFox20

Adam and his wife Stacey are running 20 marathons over the course of a year to raise money for Martin’s House Children’s Hospice. In January, they completed the Walt Disney Marathon in Florida.

“TeamFox20 update from Florida – we saw a goat!

The run was horrific: The first 8-10 miles in the dark were fine, even though it was humid and the 25,000 other runners made navigating quite difficult, as the starting waves didn’t seem to be set by timings or pace, so a lot of weaving was done.

Once the sun came up, 27 degree heat and the humidity was borderline unbearable! We emptied our Camelbaks twice over and also drank enough Powerade to sink a ship. We’d decided pretty early on that it was an experience not a race, so tried to just take it all in and not worry about crossing the line in 6 hours (a medal is a medal, right!).

Just about to eat our own weight in pancakes and drink copious amounts of Miller Lite.”

TeamFox20 in Florida, 2020


Bekah (@run_rabbit_)

Bekah “smashed her demons” and ran her first long slow run of the year, covering 7.5 miles in just over an hour.

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This is the face of someone who went and smashed her demons and completed her first LSR of the year. Thought I wouldn’t be able to make 7 miles in under an hour … only went and did 7.5miles in just over an hour ➡️ ?‍♀️ ⌚️ Distance training begins today – I’ll be back to half marathons in no time ?happy hump day everyone! . . . . #asicsfrontrunner #asicsfrontrunner2020 #asicsfrontrunneruk #running #run #runner #soundmindsoundbody #training #runnergirl #thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanrun #instarunners #runs #runningshoes #igrunners #shockabsorber #runnersofinstagram #runforfun #aftershokz #runningmotivation #fitness #hillrunning #mentalhealthawareness #longrun #strava #runchat #runningcommunity #garmin #britishathletics #runtraining @garminuk

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Benn McIntyre (@BennGetsFit)

Reaching your goal for the year in the first month? That’s going to feel pretty good!

“I am unbelievable chuffed right now. I’ve been running on and off for 4 years now I think, more seriously in the last 6 months as I’m training for a triathlon. 

My aim for the year was to beat a sub 30 minute 5k/parkrun. It’s January 25th and I’ve just smashed my target!”

Benn McIntyre at Horsham parkrun, 2020

Ellie Vaughan

What better commute than a trail run?

“So tonight I reached a milestone…

I have been building the confidence to run home from work for the last few weeks. It’s 9 miles, some trail, some hills.

Not much to some, but I could not feel happier right now.”

Ellie Vaughan, running home, 2020

Hannah and Dave (@hannah_dh26)

Check out these Instagram photos of Hannah and Dave’s RED January adventure.

Helen Lowe

Running is a family affair for Helen.

“New PB for little Roo (my baby) and me at parkrun this morning – we’ve been chasing it for long enough!

Proper chuffed.”

Helen Lowe (and Roo) at parkrun, 2020

Ian Shearer

Ian gave everything – even his breakfast – to break his marathon personal best.

“Marafun PB!

I Have knocked about 15 minutes off October’s PB today at the Runner Of Azkaban on Greenham Common. I now have a huge grin on my face!

The second picture 

is me getting rid of my stomach contents in a bush before heading out and bagging the extra miles needed to hit the 50K mark – which I also PB’d!

Great day! Nice to say hello to a fellow Goat too.”

Ian Shearer at the Runner of Azkaban, 2020

Jon Smales

After four days of an epic cross-country adventure, Jon came to an inspiring realisation.

“Great Glen Way, day 4Laggan Locks to Fort William. 38.59km, 316m ascent.

Last day and what a day! The forecasts had predicted a dry start with weather deteriorating later so I decided to set off early to get as much mileage before the weather went south. Unfortunately the weather didn’t get the memo so I set off on my longest run ever in driving sleet and rain. 

It was a hard day, my legs already had 90km in them and the conditions were grim so I just ground it out. By half way it was much more about mental resolve than physicality and with the word ‘persevere’ frequently popping into my mind I just kept going. Even my phone nearly gave up the ghost but I got it done.

Starting my running journey last May was always about getting fit enough to have bigger adventures and having concluded my first my brain is popping with ideas about what to do next and excited about what more I’ll be able to do as my fitness improves. An unplanned bonus has been to realise that’s there’s more in there than I imagine. Finishing today’s run, dizzy and brain fogged, with fatigue it occurred to me there’s more in all of us.”

Jon Smales on the Great Glen Way, 2020

Kayleigh Hannan and Karen Curtain

RED January was a big goal for many of the Herd, including Kayleigh and Karen.

“We’ve completed RED January! Thanks for all the support, Lonely Goat Running Club!

We’ve had a nice gin and raised over £500 including gift aid!

Karen ran 105km, and Kayleigh ran 51km and cycled 89km!”

Kayleigh Hannan and Karen Curtain, 2020

Sarah Baxter

It may not have been a PB, but Sarah had a great time running a tough 10K.

“Well helloooooo lovely Goats! My 2nd ever 10K today. Around Sidcup and New Eltham, took hour and 23 minutes. My first 10K was along Brighton seafront and took an hour. Brighton was lovely flat, straight line, scenic running whereas running around town is very twisty with lots of different gradients – and climbing up pavements towards the end is a killer! I’m enjoying it all though :-)”

Sarah Baxter, 2020

Vicki Finlay

Vicki’s post has a message that we wholeheartedly agree with.


…but not the usual kind of celebration post – I’m celebrating a very short and very slow walk!

After reaching a mental burnout in November I’ve been off work (last time off sick was 2006!). Hiking, swimming, running were all my best medicine until 9 days ago!

3 years of difficult events finally took their toll, but there have also been some amazing events, too (I’m always an optimist).

I took up running in January 2019 after losing weight and starting to self care more. Running has never been easy as I’m not built aerodynamically! But in April I’m due to be 50 and signed up for a Half Marathon having never done more than a 10K. 3 weeks ago I started a ‘runfit’ 10 week programme. Last Monday, I slipped on the ice in a carpark and ended up in hospital with a torn abdominal wall.

Today, I celebrate walking. A week ago I couldn’t. Not getting out has really affected me mentally.

While the Half is looking unlikely, I’m blessed today as I got up and walked.

Progress looks different to each of us daily. Moving forward between progress, failure, trying again, and starting over.

So if today you’ve got up and got out; celebrate! One hoof in front of the other! Progress is progress, no matter the speed, distance or route!”

Vicki Finlay, 2020

Feeling inspired?

Has goats on the run 21 given you an urge to get out the door – or try something new with your running – but you’re not sure of how best to go about it? If so, head to the Facebook Chat Group or the discussions area of the Strava Group. There’s a whole community of runners who will be more than happy to give you some advice and point you in the right direction. Just make sure to let us know how you get on and you may be featured here in a future edition.

Until next time

That’s it for the 21st edition of goats on the run. Thank you to all the runners mentioned, plus the many, many we will have missed. As always, if you’ve achieved something in your running that you’re particularly proud of – completing an event or otherwise – feel free to let us know about it in the Facebook Chat Group or use the #lonelygoatrc and #lonelygoatrunningclub hashtags on Instagram.

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