Goats on the run 22 – Australia special

Regular readers of goats on the run will know that we like to mix things up occasionally, with different themes – such as ‘ultramarathons‘, ‘runs that aren’t races‘, or the ‘London Marathon‘.

This month, we’re shining a light on some of the Lonely Goats who live in Australia.

At Lonely Goat Running Club, all runners are welcome, regardless of the speed you run, the distance you run, the events you run, or the reasons why you run. This is why, in goats on the run we celebrate all kinds of achievements and contributions to our community.

It’s impossible to mention all of the Australian Goats here, but we do hope you take some ‘runspiration’ from this selection of Lonely Goats ‘down under’ who happened to catch our eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Strava channels.

Amanda Pavey

Amanda is an active member of the Lonely Goat community who shares her Australian trail running adventures in our Facebook Chat Group.

There are no doubt many Goats in the UK winter who will have envied the Australian summer – at least until the recent wildfires hit.

Amanda’s updates on the devastation caused by the fires – not just to the human population, but the wildlife, too – have been a real eye-opener.

Amanda recently described the motivation behind her posts.

“So I probably drive many people mad posting my running adventures. I post sunrises, sunsets, snakes, echidnas, kangaroos, frogs, lizards. I post selfies, and motivational quotes or memes. I tell you about running through tall grass without my snake bite kit. I report on how empty, or full, the dam is. We go on the empty river bed and run photo tours.

I create and post little video updates during events, or as I fill my water for wildlife containers. I post about our devastating bush fires and the dangers of trail running when the smoke is so bad. I invite you to virtually join me as I run around my property on my own for 24 hours over Christmas in my own little ultramarathon for one. For anyone who missed that one, yep, I’m that crazy.

But what you hear comparatively far less of from from me is my dedicated training. My weekly speed sessions, tempo runs, long endurance runs, 5 km time trials. The daily effort I put in to break personal bests, hit ambitious splits, running 70-80 km weeks. Strength training. Swimming.

Instead I choose to make you all roll your eyes in boredom with my sights, sounds, creepy night runs, and sweltering hot day runs. I do this because I hope to ‘speak’ to anyone who simply enjoys being out there as much as I do.

I don’t care about your speed or distance. At all. We’re not running together. You don’t need to care or hear too much about mine.

I just want to share, connect, laugh, cry, encourage and banter with all of you who simply are runners. Whatever speed or distance that means to you.

We’re all in this crazy game together as far as I’m concerned.”

Here’s one of Amanda’s sunset trail photos.

Australian sunset, by Amanda Pavey

You can check out a couple of Amanda’s wildlife videos here and here (you’ll need to be a member of the Chat Group and logged in to Facebook).

Amanda Pavey and her children

Daniel (aka @gaijindaniel)

At Lonely Goat Running Club we are big parkrun fans and are always excited to see how it is growing internationally with new events popping up across the globe.

We always love to see posts like this one, from Daniel, combining parkrun with family.

Gareth Arnold

Gareth posted this photo and race report from a half marathon back in May 2019, in which he challenges the assumption that it’s always hot in Australia.

“Here you go goats, repping the herd at the HBF Half Marathon in Perth, Australia.

Cracked out a personal best of 1:36’09” too!

It might look nice and sunny, but it was about 4° at the start line!”

Gareth Arnold after the HBF Half Marathon, Perth, 2019

Gareth is also active on Instagram where he shares photos of his runs.

Gary Light

One of the great things about the growing number of international Lonely Goats from different countries, is seeing the local wildlife in different places. Admittedly, giraffes are not native to Australia, but it was still fun to see this recent photo Gary shared of a run through Melbourne Zoo.

Gary Light’s sunset run through Melbourne Zoo

Gary might be the only Lonely Goat we know of who has managed to enjoy two summer solstice runs in the same year – one in each hemisphere.

“Pleased to have completed a half marathon on the Summer Solstice twice this year:

  1. Northern Hemisphere: Midnight Sun Half Marathon in Tromsø, Norway. The picture is of me after a very rainy race at 1 in the morning – daylight in the Arctic Circle.
  2. Southern Hemisphere: Marathon training run, Melbourne, Australia.”
Gary Light at the Midnight Sun Half Marathon, 2019

Laurence Billing

Another Australian parkrun fan is Laurence, who recently introduced his son, Daniel, to the joys of running.

“And this happened today!!

So thrilled to have my son Daniel join me today for his first parkrun!

Well done on your first 5 km run!”

Laurence Billing, and Daniel, at Galston parkrun

Honourable mentions…

We also want to give a shout out to three Australian Lonely Goats who are active commenters in our Chat Group, sharing useful advice and encouragement with the rest of the Herd:

Fiona Stonley, Karen Dwyer, and Melanie Williams

Melanie has also shared stories from her comeback after dealing with pulmonary embolisms – which we’re sure has been helpful to other Goats who might be dealing with a similar situation or their own injury or illness worries.

Feeling inspired?

Has goats on the run given you an urge to get out the door – or try something new with your running – but you’re not sure of how best to go about it? If so, head to the Facebook Chat Group or the discussions area of the Strava Group. There’s a whole community of runners – not just Australians, but from lots of different places – who will be more than happy to give you some advice and point you in the right direction.

Just make sure to let us know how you get on and you may be featured here in a future edition.

Until next time

That’s it for the 22nd edition of goats on the run – our Australian special. Thank you to all the runners mentioned, plus the many we will have missed.

As always, if you’ve achieved something in your running that you’re particularly proud of – completing an event or otherwise – feel free to let us know about it in the Facebook Chat Group or use the #lonelygoatrc and #lonelygoatrunningclub hashtags on Instagram.

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