Goats on the run 23

Virtual runner. Couch to 5k - C25K

Goats on the run is where we shine the spotlight on a few of the Goats who have caught our eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Strava channels over the previous month.

In any normal year, March’s goats on the run review would be a mixture of people smashing their Couch to 5K goals, taking part in Spring road races, and getting the big miles in ahead of an April marathon.

Unfortunately, 2020 does not seem to be a normal year, as our lives have been disrupted by the Covid-19 coronavirus. In the world of running, events have been cancelled or postponed, people are facing periods of isolation and quarantine, and social distancing guidelines are keeping us apart.

It is at times like this that the things we love – including running – can be a great comfort.

This issue of goats on the run shows the changing landscape of the coronavirus pandemic throughout March. We start with pre-race long runs, go through change, uncertainty and adaptation, and end with Goats making the most of the situation we now find ourselves in.

Training hard

The Spring is a time when many of us start increasing the mileage and gradually pushing our limits in the build up to a half marathon, marathon or other events. Unfortunately, these events have since been postponed or cancelled. Fortunately, the training still counts – even if we have to wait a little longer to use it. Here are pre-cancellation training highlights from a couple of Goats.

Sophie Badman

“Just did my first ever 15 miles!

I only get a couple of miles with a nice view along the seafront so was happy to find an off-road muddy track for a couple of miles too!

The last couple of miles were a struggle, but I did it! Marathon is next month!”

Sophie Badman
Jane Blatch-Gainey

“Today should have probably been a 10 mile road run as I’m half marathon training, but bugger that.

I decided to re-do some of the route I walked yesterday with the dogs. So off I trotted for some road, trails, mud and fun – even a fallen tree I had to climb over.

Knees were still a bit sore from doing all this in wellies yesterday – it’s definitely more comfy in trail shoes – but I did take it easy and walked the muddiest bits as I really don’t want to fall arse over tit.

I stayed dry ’til the last half a mile and I had to run past my road in the hail to make it 5.5 miles. Happy Sunday, lovely herd.”

Jane Blatch-Gainey
Darren Goodley

Working hard to run 5K every day.

Celebrating achievements

Even without organised events, there are still achievements to be celebrated – be it hitting a new pace, running a new distance, or getting out of the house when you really don’t feel like it.

Gemma Goode

“I very much needed that. This kinda pace is slow for some, but when I first started my running journey I was a 12 minute mile kinda girl.

Seeing that 8 at the start of my fastest mile has made my day.”

Gemma Goode
Stephanie Jane Branscombe

“I absolutely had an ‘I cant run today’ mentality. I was struggling today, but thanks to some much needed motivation I can’t believe I pulled this out the bag in under an hour!

No, it’s not fast, but it’s me and I did that.

Two months ago I would have laughed at anyone who told me I would run 5K. At the beginning of the year I struggled to run for 1 minute and was out of breath straight away.

I’m proud of my little self.”

Stephanie Jane Branscombe
Lewis Semmens

Cracking the 200km in a month mark.

Social distancing

This should probably be called ‘physical distancing’ because, if Lonely Goat Running Club has proven anything, it is perfectly possible to be social while not being in the same place as one another.

Whatever we call it, Goats are still enjoying the joy of running, whether it be getting out far away from others, hitting the treadmill, or running around our homes.

Rob, aka @raw.runs

Keeping his distance from others, while still getting out and running.

Ellen Williams

“With all of the social distancing and self isolation I truly am a ‘Lonely’ Goat at the moment (although my mum took this photo [the one at the top of this page] as she was running with me today!).”

Xina Evans

“5K Round my Bedroom!

Sweet Jesus, never again. I pressed my watch by mistake and ended up stopping the first go, hence my second go to round off to 5km

My daughter thinks I’ve lost the plot as every time I ran past her room I grinned or did jazz hands and she just looked at me and was like ‘seriously mum, I can’t concentrate on homework with you trotting past me’.

I think I’m sticking to running around downstairs instead. The only time I’ll run round my room again is if I’m being chased!

I’m looking forward to my walk tonight, hence doing this indoors, being as we are on a ‘1 a day’ outside exercise curfew. It’s more miles added so it’s all good.

Oh, and don’t run in joggers either, as I’m sweating like Homer Simpson in a donut shop!”

Xina Evans

Going virtual

With conventional events off the calendar for now, many Goats are turning to virtual races. We’ve also seen a boost in the number of Goats getting their running fix on treadmills, including those joining other runners on Zwift.

Sarah Rosie

“Good morning Goats!

I’ve been signing up to all these virtual runs to do during the lockdown. I went out this morning to do the ‘local landmarks’ run. I live in a place in South London called Wallington, but my home town just down the road is Croydon – full of absolutely stunning landmarks I am sure you will agree!

This is very tongue in cheek; I actually love Croydon dearly (someone has to)!

Slight shortage of Creme Eggs this morning so I polished off the fig rolls instead! Have a good day Goats and keep safe.”

Sarah Rosie
Tina Davis

“Well this Lonely Goat only went and completed her first half marathon today. I should have completed the London Landmarks Half Marathon today, so decided to do it around my town.

I gave anyone that I passed on my route the full two meters. Everyone I did see gave me a smile or a hello. I have never seen the roads and paths round my way so quiet.

I injured my ankle quite badly two months ago so thought I wouldn’t even be running a mile let alone 13 miles. I complete the run in just over 3 hours; there was a lot of ‘Jeffing’ [running mixed with walking] involved. I ran through rain, snow, sleet, hail, head on winds and a little sunshine.

I’m never going to break any running records – I have a lot of weight to shift – but I love to run. For me, I run to help my mental health. I just wanted to say to those doubting yourselves, you can do this.”

Tina Davis
Lindy Lou

“First indoor virtual 5K on Zwift! I really enjoyed it; made the ‘dreadmill’ interesting.

‘March into March’ day 28 and 88th of 100 days of running – 290.8 miles so far this year – and still going strong.

Hoping to get in an outdoor run tomorrow, but if it doesn’t happen I’ll certainly be enjoying my indoor run on Zwift – I even met some fellow Goats from our Herd.”

Lindy Lou

Stay positive

Life can be challenging at the best of times and the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is not helping. That said, there’s a lot of good in the world and plenty to look forward to. After all, there’s always a good sunset to be spotted.

Caroline Marie

“I decided to incorporate my run into my commute home. This meant taking a longer route to make it worth it.

My legs were heavy. My heart wasn’t feeling it. Working for the police right now is quite tiring.

I wanted to give up but then I hit the seafront and look… I’d have missed this if I hadn’t made myself go.”

Caroline Marie
Kelly Reeves

“I’m lucky to have this on the doorstep; especially at times like this!

Knobdog and Buddy enjoyed an evening run. It was light when we set off and dark when we got home, and we didn’t see a soul.”

Kelly Reeves
Ian Denham

“Good morning, fellow Lonely Goats.

This is my first outdoor run for over three weeks.

I suffered a stroke and a bleed to the brain three weeks ago while at work, totally out of the blue, no signs, just ‘Bang – have that!’

Luckily, I work close to a hospital and with the help and quick reaction of my work friends I got straight to Accident and Emergency.

I have a condition called CAA [Cerebral amyloid angiopathy] which is fatal in 1 in 3 cases, has no cure and is linked to Alzheimer’s dementia (I have family who suffered with dementia too).

Anyway, the doctors told me to rest, so I have, but they also said I can run – but slowly. So I ran this morning and it felt great.

With everything that’s going on in the world, if you can run today then run and enjoy every single step and every mile.


Ian Denham

Get out there if safe to do so, or stay home if you need to

Whether you choose to exercise indoors or outside – or even if you’re taking this opportunity to rest up and recover – please make sure you follow Ian’s advice where possible: Enjoy yourself.

Thank you to our amazing Herd of Lonely Goats

At Lonely Goat Running Club, all runners are welcome, regardless of the speed you run, the distance you run, the events you run, or the reasons why you run. We are constantly impressed and inspired by the exploits of this wonderful community. This is why, in goats on the run we celebrate all kinds of achievements and contributions to our community.

It would be impossible to feature all of you in goats on the run, but we hope you have enjoyed reading about what your fellow club mates have been up to.

If you post your runs in our Facebook Chat Group, on Instagram, or Strava, then you may be featured in goats on the run 24, coming next month.

Stay safe, and look after yourselves.

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