Goats on the run 26

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for* – the return of goats on the run.

In this edition, we’ve got Goats who’ve smashed PBs, achieved personal goals, beaten slumps in motivation, pinned on a race number for the first time in months, and have even come back from a run with a bag full of apples!

Goats on the run is where we shine the spotlight on a few of the Goats who have caught our eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Strava channels.

Read on to discover what some of your fellow members have been up to. In alphabetical order…


Despite not feeling up to it beforehand, and not running as far as planned, Andy still found enjoyment from his run in the rain. “Sometimes it’s good to force yourself out the door and take that first few steps.”

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Ended up being 7 and a half miles today in the rain. I didn't really feel up to it when I set off. Had originally planned to do a half marathon today. But I enjoyed it all the same. Sometimes it's good to force yourself out the door and take that first few steps. #runningintherain #runningadict #runningmotivation #7miles #runtraining #runstrong #runhappy #runningmiles #runningmotivation #runningismytherapy #runningtorelax #runfit #runstrong #backtobackruns #b2brun #garmin #garminrunning #runspire #runspirerunners #runtoinspire #keeprunning #runnersofinstagram #igrunners #dontgiveup #believeinyourself #lonelygoatsrunningclub #lonelygoatrunningclub #lonelygoatrunningclub #lonelygoatrc #humpdayrun #hump

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Congratulations to Becky, who recently completed her longest ever run.

Curtis Tyrone Jones

Before this year, virtual running challenges were a niche pursuit. Now, thanks to the restrictions on ‘real-life’ running events, they’ve gone mainstream – and got people racing again, like Curtis:

“Last week I signed up to do something I haven’t done in almost 20 years: I entered a 5K Race!

Today I ran the Run Boston Virtual 5K Run. I had a good time out there, but my two year old wanted to run another one when I was done. So sorry buddy, but no thanks!”

Curtis Tyrone Jones, and his wife, following the Run Boston Virtual 5K


We think more races should go over bridges. Check out this picture of Dan completing the Severn Bridge 10K

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#severnbridge10k #lonelygoatrc #lonelygoatrunningclub

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Emily Mary Fisher

The Lonely Goat ethos can be summarised as ‘Support, Inspire, Achieve’, so we love to see Goats who have been inspired by other members to achieve something new – like Emily:

“I would like to say a big thank you to the Goat who posted about doing a RED August* – it inspired me to give it a go and today, I DID IT.

Not only did I manage to complete 31 consecutive days of running, today I ran the longest I’ve ever run!”

[*aka Run Every Day in August]
Emily Mary Fisher after completing RED August

Emma Ratcliffe

Over on Strava, we spotted that Emma had completed her first ever fell run, up to Simon’s Seat in the Yorkshire Dales.

Emma Ratcliffe at the top of Simon’s Seat


It’s not unusual for a pro runner to have a coach, but all runners could potentially benefit from having someone to bounce ideas off or guide their training – as Kaz comments: “I now have a coach! Funny thing is I never thought I was “good” enough to invest in one but started investigating once I got injured, but turns out… any level can benefit.”

Keris Burt

Returning to a favourite route and getting a personal best? That sounds like a most enjoyable run.

“First run of my favourite route for 6 months and I got me a PB! My lockdown laps seemed to have paid off. I am one very happy Lonely Goat!”

Keris Burt


What’s better than one personal best run? Two personal best runs in a week! Well done to Leeon for setting two new PBs in the space of a few days.

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?? New 10K PB!! ?? . Ran it today in 47:45 and this is 5s better than my previous best. Ngl, I felt a slight twinge in my right knee at 5.72 miles, rather than stopping I slowed down until I reached 10K. I'm okay now as I've seemed to have shaken it off. I guess all the pizza I've been eating is finally starting to pay off, and I'm happy with that. ? ? . . . #runneruk #parkrunuk #parkrun #workoutsnap #pb #Londonruner #10K #thisguyruns #runner #Blackrunners #runnersofig #runtoinspire #runnersofinstagram #ukrunchat #5krunner #runmore #running #runnersclubuk #bristolrunning #lonelygoatrunningclub #goforarun #runnerslife #blackmenrun #instarun #runninggoals #womenrun #runnerguy #fitfam #triathletelife #athlete

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After five long months without a running event, Melliebobs entered the Chase the Sun 10K on a whim.

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Entered on a whim at the back end of last week, yesterday I did Chase the Sun 10k. It's been five long months since I did an event and my god has it been a long five months. It was well organised throughout with various waves and a rolling start to avoid close contact. But the best thing. It felt so good to be running amongst people. Actually human beings. Even though I don't stop and natter to people it was good to have them around. As for the actual running bit, I knew I'd never be able to run it from start to finish. More for psychological reasons than anything else. So for the first time ever decided to Jeff the whole route. 1km run with a 45sec brisk walk. Was a bit of a head mess at the beginning when I started walking at the first kilometre and everyone paggers it past you. But. That recovery makes all the difference and I was doing my more speedier kilometers and soon catch them up and leave them well behind. So for a 01:03:22 finish time I thought was pretty respectable baring in mind earlier this year I was doing a 10k just shy of an hour. It's a method i'm definitely going to play around with. . ?‍♀️???♥️? . ————– @runthroughuk #runthrough #10k #tattonpark #garmin #run #runhappy #runnersofinstagram #running #runningday #runner #runningmom #runningmotivation #thisgirlcan #exercise #lonelygoatrc #lonelygoatrunningclub #mumswhorun #cardio #cardioday #active #activelife #activelifestyle #activeliving #fitfam #ukfitfam #workout #fitness #weightloss #wwuk #fatmumfit

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Sanj Dhanda

It’s often fun to mix things up, like Sanj has been doing:

“Fancied something different today…

30 mins on bike + 30 mins on treadmill = 1 crazy moist silverback!

Theres only 2 reasons you pause your work out:

  1. Drain your T ’cause you’re just a wet mess.
  2. You gotta spew.
  3. You get a wet wedgy.

OK, that’s 3 reasons!”

Sanj Dhanda in the gym

Suresh Nallan

Suresh recently completed his goal of running 1,000km in 2020 – with four months to spare!

Stephen Perry-Byrne

No doubt it has taken a lot of work, but we’re grateful to the race organisers who are finding ways of putting on events – as we’re sure Stephen is after he was able to take part in the Tatton Park 10K:

“Fantastically organised with social distancing and a waved start of four runners, felt completely safe at all times. It was great to be back amongst like-minded, friendly running folk. My time was 46 secs too slow, but I don’t care; it was just great to be back.”

Stephen Perry-Byrne at the Tatton Park 10K

…and finally: Dom Llwelyn-Bowen

Dom proved that it is possible to multi-task when running – as he came back from a run with a bag full of apples!

Thank you to our amazing Herd of Lonely Goats

At Lonely Goat Running Club, all runners are welcome, regardless of the speed you run, the distance you run, the events you run, or the reasons why you run. We are constantly impressed and inspired by the exploits of this wonderful community – every single one of you.

This is why, in goats on the run we celebrate all kinds of achievements and contributions to our community.

It would be impossible to feature all of you in goats on the run, but we hope you have enjoyed getting to know some of your fellow club mates.

If you post your runs in our Facebook Chat Group, on Instagram, or Strava, then you may just be featured in goats on the run 27, coming soon.

Happy running, everyone!


(*OK – it’s the moment some of you might have been waiting for…)


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