Goats on the run 28 – Virtual Challenge edition

Lonely goat virtual medal and completion certificate

Goats on the run is where we shine the spotlight on a few of the Lonely Goat Running Club members who have caught our eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Strava channels. This edition is all about Goats who’ve completed Lonely Goat Virtual Challenges. It features: personal bests, tattoos, 5Ks to ultramarathons, a negative split, injury comebacks, and more!

Lonely Goat Virtual Challenges

Stay motivated and achieve more with Lonely Goat Virtual Challenges – when you’re ready and on your terms.

All of the Lonely Goat Virtual Challenges are free to enter – with the option of purchasing a ‘Support Inspire Achieve’ medal to celebrate your achievements. For 2021, Wiggle have joined us to offer a 15% discount off a range of running apparel to everyone who completes a Lonely Goat Virtual Challenge.

Lonely Goat Virtual Challenges are available at distances of 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultramarathon, plus monthly distance targets of 50K, 100K, and 150K.

Read on to discover what some of your fellow members have been up to. In alphabetical order…

Adam James Quirk

“Off out to get the Lonely Goat 10K medal tomorrow. I completed the 5K already, and PB’d doing it, so fingers crossed tomorrow is another PB for the 10K.

It’s set to be a cold one, so I’ll have my new reflective gloves on and also some wine gums to keep me going through the cold.”


“I did crack my 10K PB on that run, from 1:08’19 to 1:04’40.”

Emma Flack

“I only started running in July. Started out with Couch to 5K and found myself really enjoying it, so I vowed to keep going. Last week I ran my first ever 10K and just had to get the medal for proof. I’m so glad I found this community, and I’m a little scared to say I think I’ve caught the running bug.

I’m currently chasing down a sub 30 5K (my PB on Strava at the moment is 33’06 down from 36’59) and eventually a sub 1 hour 10K, whilst also trying to run a half marathon by next summer. So many dreams…”

Lonely Goat, Emma Flack, with her 10K virtual challenge medal
Gemma Pye

“So this arrived this morning for Sunday’s effort – my very first ever medal… Hopefully the first of many!”

Gemma Pye’s Lonely Goat 10K Virtual Challenge medal
Jonnie Fenton

“Today I received my medal for the solo ultramarathon I ran last Friday. Then on Tuesday I rewarded myself with a new tattoo. Maybe my ultramarathon and half marathon weekend next March isn’t that daft after all.”

Photos from Lonely Goat, Jonnie Fenton, after his ultramarathon virtual challenge
Laura Blakey

“I did my LG half today and did a trail round the forest running through a Ford with water up to my thigh, cuts on my legs, and more hills than have ever done I knocked 20 min off my first flat Bournemouth half I did in the first lockdown.”

Lonely Goat, Laura Blakey, running a half marathon in the New Forest

“Today marks the end of my 10K training plan. I’m really pleased with that run. It was hard work, but I got a 10K PB and I’ve now earned my Lonely Goat 10K Virtual Challenge medal.”

Nick Watchman

“My Ipswich marathon completed. I felt really good for about 19 miles and then from miles 21-25 it was a real mental and physical challenge, but I did it – and in a time of approx. 3:33′. I am delighted; I have run a marathon!

Now time to order my Lonely Goat Marathon Virtual Challenge medal. A massive ‘thank you’ to Goats Wayne Price and Sandra Price for providing a water and gel station at two locations toward the end, when I was really struggling.

I raised over £1,600 for the charity, UNIQUE. Thanks for all the encouraging messages – what a group!”

Lonely Goat, Nick Watchman, during his Marathon Virtual Challenge

“The last time I posted on Instagram about running was at the end of July. I was absolutely buzzing because I’d run the furthest I’ve ever run – a whole 1.5 hours. I’d slowly and steadily run for 10 weeks, gradually increasing my distance and keeping to a plan religiously. I was so proud of myself.

And then almost immediately after making that post I got injured. I came down with incredibly intense hip pain and a visit to a physiotherapist resulted in a diagnosis of trochanteric bursitis. Man alive, it’s painful. 1/10. Do not recommend.

Recovery took forever and a day, with lots of exercises to do. I made a couple of tentative returns to running but none seemed to go well. Even easing in at 20 minutes would result in pain.

I was incredibly disheartened and so I turned to the old faithful – Couch to 5K – and off I trotted. It’s taken a little longer than planned. Any time I felt a niggle I stopped and repeated a couple of weeks, but on 16th January I finally got myself back up to 5K.

I decided to reward myself with a Lonely Goat 5K Virtual Challenge medal to celebrate my achievement. Although it’s a 5K medal, this medal also stands for the 115 miles of training that took place in May-August of 2020 when I can hand on heart say that I tried my absolute hardest.

I’m going to carry on building up to 10K and may attempt another half marathon training plan in the future, but honestly honestly HONESTLY I’m just so pleased that I can run pain free again. And if it turns out that all I can ever do is 5k then that’s really alright with me.”

Simon Brierley

“My fabulous medal arrived to celebrate my first half marathon distance, but what has been truly remarkable is the number of wonderful comments from the Herd about my achievement. Thank you to everyone for your messages.

Your stories have inspired me to believe anything is possible and to run a distance I never thought I’d ever get close to.

We all run for our own reasons, but the level of support for one another is amazing and humbling.”

Shaun Graves

“Lonely Goat Virtual Challenges and medals have kept me focused. Just achieved 150K for January. Of course, I’ll do some more...”

Lonely Goat Running Club member, Shaun Graves
Toby Craig

“It should have been my eighth marathon tomorrow at Barrow in Suffolk. Rather than let the training go to waste, I got up early and ran a solo marathon. I was rewarded with a distance PB and a negative split.

I ran every step as well, for the first time. I’m feeling mighty tired, but very proud. Believe in yourself and you can do it longer or faster than you think. Thanks for all your posts that have motivated me recently.

Stay safe all, and happy running.”

The view during Toby Craig’s virtual challenge marathon

Thank you to our amazing Herd of Lonely Goats

At Lonely Goat Running Club, all runners are welcome, regardless of the speed you run, the distance you run, the events you run, or the reasons why you run. We are constantly impressed and inspired by the exploits of this wonderful community – every single one of you.

This is why, in goats on the run we celebrate all kinds of achievements and contributions to our community.

It would be impossible to feature all of you in goats on the run, but we hope you enjoyed reading about your clubmates’ exploits and perhaps feel inspired to take on a Lonely Goat Virtual Challenge yourself.

Until next time

If you post your runs in our Facebook Chat Group, on Instagram, or Strava, then you may just be featured in goats on the run 29, coming soon.

Happy running, everyone!

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