Goats on the Run 30 – Reconnect Through Run

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Goats on the run is where we shine the spotlight on a few of the Lonely Goat Running Club members who have caught our eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Strava channels. In this edition, we give a massive ‘goat salute’ to a few of the Herd who completed the Reconnect Through Run 10K.

Reconnect Through Run

Co-hosted with our friends at Wiggle, Reconnect Through Run, was about celebrating connections and supporting each other. The challenge was to complete a 10K over the May bank holiday weekend – either solo or with others; outdoors or on a treadmill (you could even take part on Zwift).

Loads of you took part, and we can’t include everyone here, so here’s a small selection of the Goats we’ve spotted sharing their achievement on our social media channels.

Reconnecting with others

Even though most Goats usually run solo, many of you took the opportunity to run with others and complete Reconnect Through Run with friends. We can think of few better ways of catching up than to get out in the fresh air and run together – whether it’s with people you see all the time, or those who you have missed over the past year.

Here’s how some of the Goat groups got on…

Cathy Gibb-de Swarte, with Joanne Bruno and Chelsey Meadows

Cathy & co. even managed a video call with some other Goats during their run!

“Loved our Reconnect Through Run 10K, run at 10 o’clock with my amazing Yellow Goat running buddy, Chelsey Meadows, as we got another Yellow Goat, Joanne Bruno, to join in by cheering us on to our varied route (which included Littleport’s now famous Boat Race Riverbank!).

Well done to all our Lonely Goat Running Club buddies who got out there and made it all happen. And thanks also for the fun video call, Lonely Goats, Jo White and Tali Iserles en route – we loved it.”

Colee Strachan, with Mel Lovegrove

Colee, supported by her friend Mel, took the opportunity to up the distance.

“Well today’s run took a slight detour to my usual C25K (I’m on week 7 run 3). I incorporated the 5min walk, 25min run, 5min walk into the run though – I just added an extra 5km after!

I haven’t run 10K since last summer, but when the Reconnect Through Run 10K challenge came up I couldn’t say no.

We did have a few walking breaks as I didn’t want to push my body too hard due to the lack of recent running and distance, but it was surprisingly easy – which I am taking as a massive positive. I think that was down to having my running buddy back with me though.

Mel, I couldn’t have done it without you. She even fell over to make it easier on me and give me an extra break – such a great friend she is!

Thanks Lonely Goat RC and Wiggle for arranging this amazing challenge for everyone! I can’t wait to get my medal.”

Victoria Lawrence, with Katie Hunt, Michelle Cutting & Nikki Foyster

Good weather always helps makes for a good run – and the promise of a cup of tea at the end!

“What a glorious morning for a run!

The Lonely Goat Reconnect Through Run 10K with Michelle, Nikki and Katie, followed by scones and a cuppa in the garden.

For me this is what I love about running: a chance to get out in the sunshine with friends – time doesn’t matter.”

The Soloists

As is the usual Lonely Goat way, most of you got out and ran the challenge on your own. There were a range of approaches – from those of you using it as an opportunity to have a crack at a PB, through the runners on the post-injury comeback trail, to those who are still finding their feet at the 10K disance.

Here’s how some of the solo Reconnect Through Run participants did…

Iain Hall

We’re not entirely convinced by Iain’s choice of pre-run meal (though it sounds tasty), but kudos to him for getting out and giving it a go!

“The wait for a sub 50min 10km goes on, but considering that this run was fuelled by a belly full of last night’s beer and homemade curry, I’m pretty happy.

Reconnect Through Run 10K complete!”

Scott O’Rourke

Injuries are horribly frustrating, but it’s always good when you’re able to start getting back to normal. Well done, Scott – may the comeback trail continue to be smooth!

“First 10K since nasty Achilles injury – lost so much fitness from not running. Really struggled with some of those hills.”

Stephanie Hazel

At Lonely Goat, we’re strong believers that running is about much more than trying to go fast. With that in mind, bravo to Stephanie for getting out and ticking it off.

“10K done for Reconnect Through Run. A little slower but all done.”

Thank you to our amazing Herd of Lonely Goats

At Lonely Goat Running Club, all runners are welcome, regardless of the speed you run, the distance you run, the events you run, or the reasons why you run. We are constantly impressed and inspired by the exploits of this wonderful community – every single one of you.

This is why, in goats on the run we celebrate all kinds of achievements and contributions to our community.

It would be impossible to feature all of you in goats on the run, but we hope you feel inspired by your clubmates’ exploits.

Until next time

If you post your runs in our Facebook Chat Group, on Instagram, or Strava, then you may just be featured in goats on the run 31, coming soon.

Happy running, everyone!

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