Goats on the run (6)

Most of the UK experienced hot, sunny weather over the Easter long weekend. This was great if you were sat in a beer garden or headed for the coast, but made for trickier conditions if you were running. Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem to have slowed the Goats down, as there were loads of you getting some great runs in all over the place. Here’s a selection of the goats on the run we spotted…

Hayley Smith at St Albans 10K 2019

Boston Marathon, USA

Over in the States, on Monday 15th April it was the 132nd running of the Boston Marathon. You can read our preview of it here.

Flying the flag for the Lonely Goat Running Club were Sara Leggott and Gav Pritchard. For Sara, Boston was her fifth World Marathon Major and she crossed the line in 4:22’14. Gav ran 2:41’43 to finish in the top 500 out of 30,000+ runners.

Hanham Horror

Just outside Bristol, a herd of Goats took on the aptly named Hanham Horror. The tough 6 mile course includes muddy water, hills, 100+ plus steps, and a steep rope climb just before the finish. It’s definitely not one for the personal best (PB) chasers!

Braving the Horror, were Josh Harris (40’28 for 6th), Kirsty Barrett (50’20), Kim Crispin (77’34), Trish Swanepoel (78’02), and Emily Siddorn (84’28).

The St Albans 10K describes itself as a fast, flat course, out and back along a disused railway line. The Goats who ran it were Hayley Smith, who finished in 49’28; Kathleen Craig, who ran 73’08; Claire Day, who was pleased with her PB of 66’04; and Rob Oliver, who found it a ‘bit warm’, but was ‘so happy’ with his PB of 48’57.

Christopher Kinch at M2L 50 Mile Ultramarathon in 2019

We’re pretty certain the Goat who ran the furthest this week was Christopher Kinch who ran the M2L 50 Mile Ultramarathon.

The race follows the Trans-Pennine Trail and River Mersey from Manchester to Liverpool. He finished in 9:42′, for 72nd place – earning a gold medal for a sub-10 hour finish.

Spencer Hancock ran a PB of 43’07 at the Salford 10K.

Claire and Barn Hatwell at the Tunnel 10K in 2019

Claire Hatwell and her son, Barn, ran the Tunnel 10K in Fowey, taking advantage of the dark and drippy tunnel to cool off from the hot weather outside. Claire ran a 10K PB of 58’18, with Barn out-sprinting her at the finish to come in a few seconds quicker.

Lindsay Trelford ran the Ackworth Half Marathon in a PB of 2:29’57. Michael Dobson finished in 91’54.

Kate Hine ran 49’43 at the Exeter Fast Friday 10K; and Vicky Mason ran 62’07 at the Massey Ferguson Easter Tractor 10K.


There are always hundreds of Goats at parkruns every Saturday. Some we spotted last weekend were…

Michelle Maull-Hutfield, ran her 10th parkrun, which was her first as a Lonely Goat.

At Rothwell parkrun, Dawn Corlet, Amanda Halliday, Jane Beaumont, and Victor Choules [pictured above], had a ‘fab time’. They even met the Easter Bunny.

Shaun Furzer came in first at Roundhay parkrun thanks to a 1 minute 21 second PB.


Kerry Shevlan during her 100 in 1 challenge in 2019

It’s not all about organised events in goats on the run. We also like to highlight and celebrate your other achievements…

Craig Tolley had his first outdoors run of the year after 6 months hiding in the gym.

Joyce Willis is celebrating a year of running after taking it up at the age of 70 – proving you’re never too old to start.

Kerry Shevlan is part way through her 100 in 1 challenge (100 half marathons – or further – in one year). As part of her challenge, she recently ran 10 half marathons in 10 days. Kerry says ‘if there’s something that you want to do but thought you couldn’t, all I will say is, go for it. You can achieve awesome things when you believe’.

That’s the goats on the run update for this week. Congratulations to all the runners mentioned, plus all those we missed. As always, if you’ve achieved something in your running that you’re particularly proud of – completing an event or otherwise – feel free to let us know about it in the Facebook Chat Group or use the #lonelygoatrc and #lonelygoatrunningclub hashtags on Instagram. Look out for more goats on the run next week – which will be a London Marathon special.

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