Hackney Half

Last Sunday, 7 Lonely Goats took part in the Virgin Sports Hackney Half.

The sell out event attracted 20000 runners, all gathering at the Hackney marshes. Apart from the massive queues for the toilets, which at one point must have been 300 people deep, it never felt chaotic. There were rolling and stretching tents, water stations and other supportive pop up’s to assist in the pre race preparation.

The course was relatively flat, a few uphills, especially towards the end and around the Olympic Park. This was probably the most difficult part of the course, but with the miles almost crunched, hearing the crowds towards the finish made it worth while.

The support around the whole course was incredible. Big shout out to everyone who were cheering and supporting along the way. Hopefully there will be more Lonely Goats at this awesome event next year!

Details of the event can be found here. https://uk.virginsport.com/event/hackney-2018/hackney-half-marathon

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