Happy 5th Birthday to You!

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OK, so it’s probably not your actual birthday. But Lonely Goat Running Club’s birthday is today. As this community is the sum of all its members, that means we all share in this birthday together.

How do you decide when a running club’s birthday is? For us, we count it as the day we went public and the Lonely Goat name was first seen on a start-line: Saturday 6th May 2017, at Poole park run (check out the header image!).

From the beginning, we’ve aimed to do things according to the values we wanted Lonely Goat Running Club to represent, aiming to support and inspire each other to achieve our personal goals. It has been so gratifying and heartening to see that ethos resonate with others: At first just a few, then thousands of you wonderful runners!

The generous, open way in which you have all combined to create such an incredible, unique community is utterly amazing. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

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