Here’s to you, and your running!

It’s been another great year for the wonderful Lonely Goat Herd. We’ve loved seeing your running exploits, shared in the Facebook Chat Group, on Instagram, and Strava. And it’s always fantastic to see Goats in person, wearing the kit with pride, flashing the goat salute, and representing the Herd at races. Thank you so much for helping make this community so special 🤘

The world isn’t always full of love and kindness, and life can be tough. You don’t need us to point out the difficulties caused by conflict, disease, or financial pressures. Most of the time, running is an antidote and an escape to all that.

Very few of us have to run. It’s something we choose to do for ourselves. It’s not a necessity, a means to earn money or get from A to B, or an activity we’re obliged to do by others.

Yes, running isn’t always a bed of roses. There’s the risk of injuries or the low mood when a race goal is missed. But the highs are amazing!

We love the feelings of success when we achieve our goals or push ourselves to new heights; the camaraderie from spotting a fellow Goat out in the wild; the mood enhancing hormones released; even the skin tingles from defrosting in the shower after a wet winter run. A life with running in it is richer in so many ways.

That’s why we appreciate each and every member of Lonely Goat Running Club so much. Because with every photo, activity upload, video, race story, medal selfie, kit question, or training tip that you share, you are adding to the richness of all our running lives.

Thank you.

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