How to add the Lonely Goat logo to your Garmin watch face

We absolutely love that some members of the Lonely Goat Running Club community have opted to show their pride in being a member of The Herd by adding the club logo to their Garmin watch faces. We hope it gives a little jolt of motivation to get out and achieve your goals, every time you look at your watch.

If you also fancy adding the Lonely Goat logo – or another image of your choice – to your Garmin, here’s how to do it…

Find a picture to use

You can use any photo you want. Some Goats have taken photos of their club kit, whereas others have taken a screenshot of the Lonely Goat Running Club logo.

To make things easier, here’s a couple of images you can use.

Use the Garmin Connect IQ app

Here are the steps to add your chosen image to your watch:

  1. Open up the Garmin Connect IQ app on your phone, and find the Face It section;
  2. Click on the + icon and follow the prompts to find your image;
  3. Once the photo has loaded, feel free to customise the different watch face options;
  4. Select ‘Done’ to name and save your new watch face;
  5. Press ‘Install’ and it will magically appear on your watch.

For a video tutorial, head to the support section on the Garmin website: LINK.


All that’s left now is for you to head out for a run with a smile on your face and the Lonely Goat Running Club logo on your wrist!


Thanks to Lonely Goats Amanda Tiplady for the header image, Jade Adams for the image above, and Neil Philip for the Chat Group post that inspired this article.

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