“I love your socks”

The Lonely Goat Running Club special socks from Monkey Sox are being spotted on members of The Herd across the country. They’re even helping Goats spot each other in the wild and make new friends, as shared by Jess Stanley in a recent Facebook post. Not only did Jess run a new personal best for the Bournemouth parkrun course (we’re pretty certain the socks helped!), she also met another Lonely Goat, Tammy Archer (that’s both their feet in the image at the top of the page)…

We found each other through our matching Lonely Goat Monkey Sox!

Lonely Goat, Allen Ball has also been rocking the new socks. The great thing about being so colourful, is that they’re bound to get you noticed when out marathon training – especially with appropriately snazzy shoes!

Steve Cooper got a great compliment from the announcer at a race he ran recently, who said…

I’m with Steve from Lonely Goat and I love his socks!

If you want to make friends, stand out when training, or get complimented at races, then a pair of Lonely Goat Running Club Monkey Sox socks might be just what you need. You can get a pair over at the Monkey Sox shop: LINK

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Finally, here’s a slightly iffy photo of Andy Leggott from Lonely Goat HQ. He might be trying to hide behind a lamppost, but there’s no mistaking his amazing socks!

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