Inov-8 – Goat Codes Spotlight

In this Goat Codes Spotlight, we look at Inov-8 – purveyors of fine trail running shoes, hydration packs, and much more…

Who are Inov-8?

Inov-8 provides shoes and kit for trail and off-road runners, fitness athletes, and adventure-seeking hikers.

They were founded in 2003 in Britain’s Lake District and quickly gained a reputation for shoes that provided grip in the toughest conditions, and clothing and accessories that are lightweight and well designed.

Inov-8 products have proved popular around the world – especially with trail runners and people who like to get off the beaten track. In 2016, the comedian and ultra-runner, Eddie Izzard, wore Inov-8 shoes to run 27 marathons in 27 days in South Africa, raising £1m for Sport Relief! They’re also popular with obstacle course racers and cross fit-style fitness enthusiasts who appreciate the extra grip Inov-8 shoes offer.

Their shoes are all 100% vegan, and Lonely Goat appreciates Inov-8’s commitment to improving their environmental impact and ensuring safe working practices at its factories.

Inov-8 in action

What are the highlights?

There are great products across the Inov-8 range (check out the hydration packs!), but we think the most exciting items are those containing graphene.

Derived from graphite, graphene is stretchy, yet 200x stronger than steel. Inov-8 are working with the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester and have exclusive permission to use this ‘wonder material’ in their running shoes.

Inov-8 says the graphene-infused rubber in the soles of their G-Series shoes is 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% more hard-wearing than conventional rubber – the world’s toughest grip!

Our highlights from the G-Series range are:

  • X-Talon G 235 – lightweight and flexible for fast-running on tough terrain;
  • Terraultra G 270 – plush cushioning for big miles;
  • Trailroc G 280 – for hard and rocky terrain;
  • Mudclaw G 260 – perfect for soft mud; and
  • Roclite G 275 – an outstanding all-rounder.

With so many shoes in the range, designed for a variety of surfaces and with different width options, there is usually an Inov-8 option to plug any gap in a runner’s shoe collection.

Inov-8 X-Talon G 235

Why do we love Inov-8?

Inov-8 kit is well put together and works exactly as you would want it to – demonstrating that it has been designed by runners, for runners.

Lonely Goat HQ team member, Jonathan Bean, has been a fan of Inov-8 since 2008, wearing one of their hydration waist packs for his first marathon, in Berlin.

Then, the Inov-8 F-Lite 220 shoes and Race Pro 12 backpack became favourite bits of kit, and Jonathan used them when running around the Isle of Wight (70 miles in two days). The F-Lite 220s offered just the right level of cushioning and traction on the mixed terrain route, and the backpack proved comfortable, lightweight and practical. Neither item is in the current Inov-8 range – after all, this was a decade ago! – but updated versions are available.

Since then, he has added the Ultrashell jacket to his collection. It is super-lightweight and waterproof, so perfect for running in the rain without getting too hot. It fulfils the requirements of many trail races to carry a waterproof jacket, and the material is translucent so race numbers can be worn underneath it and remain visible.

Lonely Goat, Jonathan, wearing Inov-8 kit back in 2010

What is your current favourite piece of Inov-8 kit?

Jonathan has recently taken delivery of the Race Ultra Pro 5 hydration vest and was instantly impressed with it.

It’s designed with long distance trail races in mind, but the lightweight, versatile design makes it suitable for long runs; carrying essentials when hiking or cycling; or even as a comfortable alternative to stuffing your phone, keys, cash and ID into your shorts pockets.

There’s a large pocket and bungee cord on the back, medium-sized pockets on the sides, and smaller pockets on the front, with loops, clips and other attachment points – giving plenty of options for stowing away anything you might need when out running.

It comes with two of Inov-8’s 500ml Ultra Flasks which keep the weight of your fluids low down, but have a long straw so you can drink without breaking your stride. The Race Ultra Pro 5 also comes with a foldable Speed Cup, which is perfect for events where you have to carry your own cup.

Jonathan is itching to be able to enter a long distance trail race so that he can make full use of the Race Ultra Pro 5’s capabilities.

Lonely Goat, Jonathan, wearing the Inov-8 Race Ultra Pro 5 hydration vest and Ultrashell jacket

Can I get a discount on Inov-8 products with Goat Codes?

Yes you can! Inov-8 are offering 15% off their products to members of Lonely Goat.

To receive this Goat Codes discount, just sign up and create a Lonely goat account, for free, at this link.*

Check out the Inov-8 range, get kitted out, and head outdoors in search of adventure!

(*Goat Codes are special discounts from some of our favourite brands, exclusively for members of Lonely Goat. To read more about Goat Codes, visit this link . Please note, this is a separate from Facebook Chat Group membership or England Athletics affiliation)

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