Let your mojo evolve

Motivation comes and goes — and that’s quite OK.

We often see posts in the Facebook Chat Group from Goats who are worried they’re in a running slump. This ebb and flow of your mojo is natural, but it can still be alarming if it looks like we’re not going to achieve the goals we’ve set ourselves.

Here’s the thing, though: What we often think of as a goal, is really just a means to achieve the deeper, true goal. For example:

  • Completing a 10K might be about…
  • …overcoming a physical challenge, which might be about…
  • …boosting feelings of achievement, which might be about…
  • being happy! And there’s plenty of other ways to achieve this.
If you’re struggling with motivation, and nothing else is working, try and dig down into the deep, true goal. Once you’ve found it, you then have the freedom to change how you try and achieve it.
Top image: 📷 Zoe Buckland at Race to the Stones – her first ultramarathon!
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