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What’s the goal that drives you? Perhaps you’re marathon training to race money for charity; trying to get into a healthy exercise routine; want to smash PBs; or just like seeing where your feet can take you. Your answer is likely to be as individual as you are, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Yes, we’re all linked by the act of running, but our reasons for doing so may all be different. We’ve always tried to recognise this within Lonely Goat Running Club. You can engage as much or as little as you wish, and choose to interact with your fellow members on Facebook, Instagram or Strava. Many members also like to meet up at races by keeping an eye out for others wearing the club kit.

This flexibility extends to the ways in which you can be a member, which are detailed below.

Member Free

Some members prefer a light touch, and for them we will always offer our free membership. It’s open to anyone who signs up through the registration form on our website. You can wear the kit, keep up with the Herd through our social media channels, and receive the Goat Mail newsletter.

It’s the cost-free way to be part of the club.

Member Plus

For those who want more Lonely Goat in their lives, we offer the Member Plus subscription option. This gives you all the benefits of free membership plus access to additional services, including:

  • 20% discount in the Lonely Goat shop and free delivery on orders over £50.
  • Goat Codes discounts from specially selected partners (with great new discounts to come!).
  • Virtual Challenges over a range of distances.
  • Reduced race entry (up to 20% off) on hundreds of events across the country.

At just £25 a year, it’ll only take a few discounted race entries for Member Plus to pay for itself!

You can upgrade to to Member Plus here.

England Athletics Affiliation

In addition to, and separate from Member Free and Member Plus, Goats can also choose to affiliate with England Athletics (regardless of whether they’re a Member Free or Member Plus subscriber). Benefits include a £2 discount on many races, access to coaching courses, and eligibility to be selected for international competitions! More info here: LINK

nb: Current EA Affiliated Goats will be receiving renewal emails very soon.

Support the club so we can do bigger and better things and get access to additional benefits.
£25 per year