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Probably the most controversial day in the running calendar is the annual London Marathon ballot announcement day.

Social media is full of debate with comments ranging from excited to surprised, disappointed, frustrated, angry, and indifferent.

We certainly don’t envy the London Marathon organisers who are faced with the problem of sharing 40,000 spaces with 500,000 entrants!

What was encouraging to see as the comments flew two weeks ago was how passionate so many runners are about the sport; and how many different kinds of runner and running event there are.

It’s like music.

Whether you’re into jazz or techno, rock or hip hop, classical or folk, or a bit of everything – it doesn’t matter. There’s something for everyone and each genre has fans who proclaim their favourite band to be the best in the world!

The same is true of running. You could be an occasional parkrunner or a dedicated racer, young or old, a gadget-lover or a technophobe, a fan of big city marathons or getting lost in the woods. There’s a genre of running for everyone (and everyone is welcome in our club).

Not many activities accommodate such a range of people and interests and that makes running a very special thing indeed.


Thanks to Steffi for the image above, showing one of the many places running can take us.

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