Nice one, Mark!

After the recent Great North Run our notifications started pinging…

“Have you seen this picture of a Goat helping another runner?”

Clicking on the messages we got this heart-warming image, shared by Emon Choudhury on Facebook. In Emon’s post, he explains that Andrew collapsed in front of him about a mile from the finish. Emon helped him up and was joined by Mark Gorton – a member of Lonely Goat Running Club. Though they were all strangers, they recognised the needs of a fellow runner struggling in the heat and reached the finish line together. As Emon said:

“We run together, we finish together no matter who we are.”

We totally agree. It’s not the first time we’ve seen pictures of Goats helping other runners to the finish line, and we’re sure it won’t be the last because members of the Herd consistently show themselves to be among the most supportive, most encouraging runners we know – demonstrating the club values of Support Inspire Achieve.

Keep it up all you lovely legends!

(ps… Andrew has fully recovered)

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