NOTCH – Goat Codes Spotlight

In this Goat Codes Spotlight we look at the Lonely Goat NOTCH Collection of celebratory bracelets, available with a 10% discount to members of the Herd…

Who are NOTCH?

NOTCH, from Yorkshire, is the stylish, go-anywhere bracelet designed for notches – which are like charms, but different.

If you are thrilled by your latest achievement, you can wear your success with pride and celebrate with NOTCH. This is reflected in NOTCH’s slogan:

Be positive. Be proud. Be recognised.

The bands are available in sports cord or premium leather, with strong neodymium magnetic clasps. Notches are made from brass, stainless steel, or coloured aluminium and there are thousands of engraving options. They’re hand polished and engraved with laser guided technology for precision and durability.

Why do we love NOTCH?

Each notch you add to your NOTCH bracelet is engraved to tell your own story of success, or celebrate the things that are important to you.

We think NOTCH is great, because it is like having a medal that you can wear all the time! In fact, some races are now offering special notches as an alternative to a traditional medal.

At Lonely Goat, our mission can be summarised as ‘Support, Inspire, Achieve’ – as we support and inspire each other to achieve our personal goals. Celebrating our achievements is an important part of that mission, so anything that helps do that gets a big thumbs up from us!

generic image of notch and notch bracelet

What’s the Lonely Goat NOTCH Collection?

We are very excited to have partnered with NOTCH to create the Lonely Goat NOTCH Collection.

Each NOTCH in the Lonely Goat NOTCH Collection has been designed and specially engraved to celebrate the fun, spirit and camaraderie enjoyed by everyone who is part of the wonderful Lonely Goat community.

There are four styles available:


Each of these styles is available in the following colours:

  • Black;
  • Silver;
  • Blue;
  • Pink;
  • Yellow;
  • Purple;
  • Green.

Each notch comes with the NOTCH name and logo engraved on the rim, or you can choose to personalise your notch with your own choice of wording.

The bands are available in thirteen sports cord colours, plus premium black leather, in three different sizes. Combine all these band options, with four styles, seven colours, and the ability to personalise your notch, the combinations are endless – making it possible to create a NOTCH bracelet that is completely unique to you. The full range can be seen here.

lonely goat notch purple inspire notch


Can I get a discount on NOTCH products with Goat Codes?

Yes you can! NOTCH are offering 10% off the Lonely Goat NOTCH Collection to members of Lonely Goat

To receive this Goat Codes discount, just sign up as a Lonely Goat member, for free, at this link.*

Collect the Lonely Goat NOTCH Collection, and celebrate your achievements and personal running story with style!

Lonely goat yellow notch

(*Goat Codes are special discounts from some of our favourite brands, exclusively for members of Lonely Goat. To read more about Goat Codes, visit this link. Please note, this membership is separate from Facebook Chat Group membership or England Athletics affiliation, but is free and it only takes a minute to register.)


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