The Goat Mix – our new Spotify playlist

Recently we asked you, our wonderful Lonely Goat Running Club community, for your suggestions for a Spotify playlist.

We conducted the poll in our Facebook Chat Group, with each suggestion and Like counting as a vote. There were over 500 songs suggested, but we’ve gone through them all, picked the top song for each artist (otherwise there would have been a lot of Queen!) and worked out your Top 50.

Actually, it’s a Top 52, as some of the songs had the same number of votes, but we’re sure you won’t mind having an extra couple of songs in there. Think of it as a song for every week of the year!

You can find the playlist using this URL, or by clicking on the embedded Spotify widget below:

It’s free, if you don’t mind listening to occasional adverts. Or, pay for a premium Spotify account and enjoy uninterrupted listening.

We think it’s a great playlist that truly reflects the open, varied nature of the Lonely Goat Herd.

How many playlists will combine Katy Perry with Rage Against The Machine, Faithless with Kenny Loggins, or ELO with Eminem?

There’s something here for everyone!

Have a listen – either at home, work, on your next run, or wherever you like – and let us know what you think on Facebook, Instagram, or Strava. Just bear in mind, there’s a couple of songs on there that are a bit ‘sweary’, so this might not be something you want to share with young children.

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