At the Lonely Goat Running Club, we want to change people’s lives for the better. Running can have huge health benefits – both physically and for the mind. As social beings, we also have a need to feel part of something.

Many runners do not have the time to join a traditional running club or perhaps just don’t feel it is them. It doesn’t have to end there…

Lonely Goat RC offers all runners – of any age any ability – the chance to engage with an active online running community.

Unlike many other online running community and running information websites, Lonely Goat RC is a real running club that allows our members to represent the club, both when training and in organised races.

The focus of Lonely Goat RC is not to win team events and trophies. It’s about representing the club’s values that are ingrained within everything we do. To support and inspire others and to achieve personal goals. By combining those values, Lonely Goat RC members have a sense of togetherness that exists when training alone, in groups or in races.

We believe that representing a club is not just for elite or competitive runners. For our members, representing Lonely Goat RC is about spreading the clubs core values and encouraging others to join.

The inspiration of the club comes from one of the founding members, known as ‘the Goat’, who over the last 10 years has become a dedicated runner, and has fit his training (usually alone!) around unsociable working hours and family commitments. Despite his lifestyle, he always craved being part of a wider community of runners that shared the same passion and values as him – and the Lonely Goat Running Club was the answer.