VLM Lonely Goat RC Ballot

Hope everyone has had a good start to the year. Great to see many of you getting out there.

As we previously announced – Lonely Goat RC were allocated 4 London marathon places. After the ballot, which was shared last month in the Lonely Goat Running Club – Chat  facebook group. The 4 places were allocated to the following Lonely Goats.

Mel Smith – Fitness Instructor from Portsmouth. Raising money to help The Rowans Hospice.

Steve Collins – Personal trainer from Harrogate. Running VLM and then Stockholm 4 weeks later.

Sam Macaulay – Excited to be representing the herd for her first London Marathon.

Paul Noble – Manages Physio Runfit – BWT. Buzzing to be running the VLM.

We will be right behind you, and all the other Lonely Goats running in this prestigious event.

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