We’re all athletes – how to affiliate with England Athletics

Do you think of yourself as an athlete? We do

As far as we’re concerned, if you choose to move your body and run, then you’re an athlete – regardless of whether you’ve got ambitions to race competitively or not.

That’s why Lonely Goat Running Club works with England Athletics (EA) – to make sure our athletes are recognised and supported by the sport’s governing body, and have the opportunity to sign up as Affiliated Athletes.

The affiliation year begins in April, but newly-registered athletes can get January to March free. With discounted race entry as one of the benefits on offer, this is the perfect time to set yourself some new year challenges.

If you haven’t affiliated before, and want to know more, read on…

What is affiliation?

By affiliating with England Athletics, you will be recognised as a member athlete by the governing body of running in England. At the fast end, this means you could be selected to run for the country (as a few Goats have!). For those of us without international ambitions, there are still plenty of benefits to signing up…

What are the benefits?

Affiliated athletes get:

  • Discounted entry on almost all races in the UK;
  • Discounts with EA partners, including SportsShoes, Shokz, and Insta360;
  • A profile on the Power of 10 ranking website;
  • Lonely Goat listed as your club on race results, so you can represent the Herd;
  • The opportunity to win one of our London Marathon places;
  • Discounts on coaching courses and qualifications.

How do I affiliate?

Head to the affiliation page on our website to sign up: LINK

How much does it cost?

To affiliate with EA as a member of Lonely Goat Running Club costs £19 a year. This consists of a £16 payment to EA and a £3 fee to cover our admin costs.

Affiliation can easily pay for itself if you do a few races a year. We always love to see Goats come together at races, and the discount makes it easier to do so.

Do I get three months free?

As mentioned above, the affiliation year starts in April, but runners who haven’t previously affiliated with EA can join now and get January to March free.

Do I have to affiliate to be a Lonely Goat?

No. It is completely optional. We are one team, regardless of whether you choose to be affiliated.

How can I learn more?

If you have a query about affiliation that isn’t answered here, or on our website, then please email affiliation@lonelygoat.com – We’ll be more than happy to help.

ps: If you’re already affiliated with another club, and wish to switch your allegiance to Lonely Goat Running Club, follow the instructions here: LINK

pps: We’re registered with England Athletics as our office is in England, but affiliation is open to people who live in other countries. You still get most of the same benefits, including discounted entry to UKA-approved races. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

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