What is our Glastonbury?

It’s running “festival” season!

There are a lot of parallels between running events and music festivals – and not just queues outside portaloos…

As the big autumn race season begins, it’s clear both bring people together for a shared experience that gets to the sensory heart of the human experience; whether that’s moving to music, or moving to our own internal motivation.

Zoom in on photos of the crowds crossing the Tyne Bridge at events such as the Great North Run and the image doesn’t look dissimilar to an audience at a massive outdoor concert. Granted, the clothing is probably a bit different, but both will have tens of thousands of bobbing heads, all present together to share in one moment.

The parallels work across big and small events. Parkrun could be a friendly open mic night. A fell race might be a punk gig in a local independent venue. The Great North Run is like Coldplay at Wembley.

And what of the London Marathon? Surely that’s our Glastonbury?


📷 The Great North Run

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