In the Pen with Danny Bent

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In the Pen’ is our series of interviews with runners who inspire the Lonely Goat Running Club community. We’ve spoken with elite athletes, authors, podcasters, CEOs, coaches, and adventurers. For this edition, we hear from a man voted one of the ‘100 happiest people in the UK’, Danny Bent.

Danny’s story

Danny is an author and journalist, Guinness World Record holder, and adventurer. He works with people to help them break free of the chains holding them back and realise what they’re capable of. He’s fantastically positive and we think embodies the Lonely Goat ethos of ‘support, inspire, achieve’.

Thank you, Danny, for taking the time to answer our ‘In the Pen’ interview questions…

Why do you run?

Running is part of my genetic makeup. I started running because my mum and dad run.

Now I run because I love being outside in the Peak District. Running is my place to find my positivity, to find answers, my therapy and meditation!

What motivates you?

I’m 42 yrs old now and I’m loving getting PBs. I love chasing a time.

But really I’m motivated by the feeling running gives me. I’m motivated by the community, the friends I’ve made, the love I’ve found! And I’m motivated by the cake and coffee after runs!

What are your top tips for beginner runners?

My top tips are all about enjoyment. If you want to make running part of your life you need to enjoy it. Use it to explore places. Set goals you can smash and stretch goals you can strive for but be happy if you don’t hit them. Talk to people on your runs. Say ‘hi’. Find new mates who you enjoy a run with but also enjoy chatting and eating cake and socialising with afterwards.

What is your favourite place to run?

The Peak District. Burbage Edge is the best run in the world!

Where would you like to run that you haven’t?

I’d love to run the length of the Lofoten Islands in Norway!

Do you have any funny running stories?

So many poop stories! But doesn’t every runner?

Do you have any favourite running books?

My book! Not all super heroes wear capes – a story of how a running community can unite a country and change lives.

What did you used to do that you don’t do now?

Try and be at the front of every race I do.

What result are you most proud of?

I was so proud to beat my 5K PB in January this year. 17’42”. Shows that age is no barrier!

Who inspires you?

My mum is a brilliant runner and has won international medals, but she has always run for love.

You’ll be running with her and you’ll turn round and she’s gone – you find her looking at butterflies or picking berries to eat. She loves every run and, almost by magic, she’s fast.

Are you a parkrunner?

I LOVE parkrun. I’d run almost every week in normal times.

Sheffield is a medium sized city and has 6 amazing parkruns which are always well attended. Sheffield is the outdoor city after all!

Music or silence when running?

No Music. I love being able to listen to life as I run past! With music you can’t be fully submerged in your environment.

What do you like about running on your own?

Running on your own is where all the personal gains happen, such as lots of the mental health benefits.

I always seem to run faster on my own too as I’m not chatting!

How can people follow you online?

Everything is there on my website at, Danny_bent on Instagram, Dannybent on Facebook, and Dannybent on Twitter!

Is there anything else you would like to add?


Thank you, Danny!

We hope you enjoyed our chat with Danny Bent.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next ‘In the Pen‘ interview, coming soon…

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