VLM 2020 – Club Ballot

Lonely Goats – we are excited to have been allocated 4 places for the Virgin [...]

The National Running Show 2020 – Free Tickets

We are confirmed as exhibitors for the 2020 National Running Show! For a free ticket, [...]

World Mental Health Day 2019: Mental Health Day

[This is an edited version of an article that appeared on lonelygoat.com earlier in the [...]

REPREVE® – the first step on our ethical and environmental journey

On the face of it, running is a positive thing to do. Getting outdoors, being [...]

Website refresh

As the community grows, so does the requirement to provide an online platform that is [...]

The National Running Show

What a weekend! The Lonely Goat RC team were fortunate enough to have a stand [...]

VLM Lonely Goat RC Ballot

Hope everyone has had a good start to the year. Great to see many of [...]

Connect to Lonely Goat RC

Connect to Lonely Goat RC – here are some links.

London Marathon Ballot

As affiliates of England Athletics, Lonely Goat RC has received 4 places for the 2019 [...]

The National Running Show

Confirmed exhibitor at the National Running Show on the 19th – 20th January 2019! Look [...]

Poppy Run

Poppy Run is a series of family friendly runs that took place across the country [...]

Maverick Race

Maverick Race discount! Use code LONELYGOAT15 at checkout – valid for dark series 2018 events [...]